• You may continue to submit assignments by Emailing them to me OR try submitting them in Google Classroom.  

    To submit assignments in Google Classroom:

    1. Open your child's Google Classroom from their desktop account.

    2. Select an assignment with a PDF file attached.

    3. Right click on the file and click on, Open link in new tab.

    4. At bar on top see, Open with.

    5. Select Doc Hub PDF or Lumin PDF (whichever works best on your computer).

    6. Now your child can use the tool bar to circle the correct answer or click on the T in toolbox to open a text box to type in a response.  

    7. When your child is finished with the PDF, click Share or Save as download.  

    8.  In Google Classroom there is a "Turn in" option where you can upload the document. 


    Either attempt this or Email the assignments.  Thank you.