• CoVid 19-Our Class Adjustments 

       Please check your Google Classroom for class assigments and annoucments. 

      A specific due date will be posted for each assignment online.

      We have been using Google Classroom all year. Students are very familiar with using this method of communication to complete assignments and projects and turning them in online.

      In case there are students that have not signed up for your Google classroom—

      I will be communicating class assignments with you via your google classroom and you will be returning work to me in this format. My virtual office hours are from 9-10am and 1-2pm. Should you need to reach me for an immediate response, you may call or text me at 352-405-1356. 

      Students you are responsible for signing on everyday and completing the bell ringers by 3:45pm. This will also correlate as your attendance. 

      Google Classroom Codes:          

      1st Period - Game & Simulation Foundation 


      2nd Period - Game & Simulation Foundation 


      3rd Period - Game & Simulation Foundation


      4th Period - Game & Sim Design 


      5th Period - Game & Simulation Foundation


      6th Period - Advanced Information Technology