•  Hello Panther Parents,


    You are in the right place! What can I do to help you? Please email or call and let me know. I was a teacher for 25 years before becoming a dean, so I can assist with academics also. Plus, I am a mother with two children (both attended Emerald Shores) so I get it!

    Here are some strategies to help your child when he or she is anxious or angry. They really, really work!

    1. Breathe: Close eyes. Inhale in through the nose slowly for 5. Exhale through the mouth slowly for more than 5. Repeat.

    2. Freeze and Melt: Have your child tense his/her body from head to toe for ten seconds(freeze). Then slowly relax  and go limp for ten (melt).

    3. Begin a gratitude journal with your child. This helps him or her to focus on the positive. 


      Until next time.............BREATHE and Be safe.

    New Strategy Tuesday 4/14

    Hello again!!

    When we are experiencing negative emotions, it is important to get  our bodies calm.

    This week's strategy: Crazy 8's

    This an easy exercise routine you can do with your child:

    Count to 8 for each:

    Touch the sky: stretch on tip toes, hands reaching as far as you can.

    Touch the floor: legs straight, palms flat on the floor (if you can).

    Touch head, shoulders, knees, toes.

    Inhale for 4, hold for 4.

    Exhale for 8. Repeat

    Add any other movement you would like to: jumping jacks, running in place...

    Visit your child's P.E. coach's website for more physical activities (Alberty, Blye, Cherry).


    4/28 I just attended the P.E. Zoom Dance Party. Check teachers' website to get the link to join in. Movement is a great way to relieve stress and put smiles on faces!!


    I will update this page on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Send me topics that you would like more information about. New information will be in red.


    ****Remember that if you need packets of work they will be available in front of the school: M-Th, 8-2.

    ****Schools will be completely closed on Fridays.

    ****My phone number is 386-530-3856.

    ****Please let me know if your child has a birthday coming up. I would love to give him/her a birthday call.

    **** 4/14...New content added on all my pages.

    ****4/15... I have joined 2nd grade Google classrooms. You may keep in touch with me there also.

    ****4/15...Sams and Target had lots of toilet paper today!!!  

    ****4/16...Progress Reports will be coming soon. Check teacher websites for assignments due dates.

    **** 4/27... Teacher Appreciation Day at EMS!!! Monday, May 4th.  Did you get Mrs. Houston's message? The staff will be driving through and picking up goodies. You can make signs and bring noisemakers and line up (in your cars) along Emerald and Oak Road. See you there!!

    ****5/1..Please do not come up to the school to pick up student's belongings. We will let you know when and how you can do so.

    ****5/4...Emerald Shores is now going to serve Grab and Go meals. Stop by between 10:30-12 each day.

    ****5/18..Check teacher websites and listen for Panther Press phone call for dates to pickup student belongings.