• Panthers,

    Remember, we are Positive Panthers even when we are at home.

    On this page, I will review ways to STOP and THINK  before we make a choice.

    Say this with me...Mrs. Ricks

    When I make a good choice, good things happen.

    When I make a bad choices, bad things happen.

    I will make a good choice!


    Now give yourself a pat on the back and say "good job".



    Memorial Day


    Hello Panthers! I am placing today's post at the top. Scroll down ifyou would like to review the previous messages. Today, I just want to remind you to Stop and Think about the privileges you enjoy. Take time to be thankful for the men and women who died in wars so that we could be free and live in peace. Maybe you can stop some time today and say the Pledge to the flag. As always, make it a great day...or not. The choice is yours.


    Situation of the Week: (4/6/20)

    Imagine: It is only 9 a.am. You went to sleep late last night. You are feeling a little sleepy and tired. Here comes your parent telling you it's time to get on your teacher's website. Can't they see that you are not feeling it right now. You feel like you've got this. You can get on and get that work finished later. Your parent reminds you again, but not so nicely this time. You are getting a little annoyed.

    What are your choices? What will you do? Email and share your choice with me.


    Later this week I will teach you the steps for "Dealing with Boredom".

     Email me if you need help with making good choices at home.



    Friday, 4/10

    Okay, sooooo... you have completed all your assignments, read every book, cleaned your room and played all of your games. Really?? Okay so you're bored. What should you do? Here are the steps:

    Step 1. Stop and Think.Decide if you are really feeling bored and have nothing to do.

    Step 2. Think of things to do. Make a list. You can have someone at home help you. 

    Step 3. Decide on one thing to do.

    Step 4. Do it.

    Step 5. Say to yourself, "Good for me. I chose something to do and did it". Pat yourself on the back.

    Repeat the steps as many times as you need to. Remember... its ok to just sit and chill sometimes.

    Let me know if you tried this strategy. Did it work?

    On Tuesday (4/14), I will teach you the steps for "Expressing Your Feelings"

    Hello again Panthers. Here are the steps for expressing your feelings:

    Step 1. Stop and think: How does your body feel? What zone are you in?

    Step 2: Decide what the feeling is. Are you mad, sad, upset, afraid, frustrated, happy, excited...?

    Step 3: Think about what might have led to you feeling this way. Maybe you didn't get to do something you wanted to do. Maybe your brother or sister is hogging the Chromebook.

    Step 4: Think about your choices:

         **Tell someone in a nice voice "I feel____________" OR.....

         **Walk away for now if you are angry. OR...

         **Get involved in an activity.

    Step 5: Act out your best choice.

    Step 6: Say to yourself "Good job! I expressed my feelings in a positive way". Think of a way to reward             yourself. 


    My example: Today I am feeling a bit tired and cranky (expressing my feeling) since I worked in my yard for about 4 hours yesterday. So I am going to take it easy today and do some reading (choosing an activity).


    Let me know if you expressed your feelings to someone at home. 

    SHH. COME CLOSER...HERE IS A LITTLE SECRET. YOU CAN VISIT MY FOR PARENTS ONLY PAGE. I have some tips for calming down when you are in a red zone. HINT: BREATHE!!!

    Week of 4/20

    I want to hear from you. What skills do you neeed help with right now? Let me know by email or phone call. But always, always, stop and think before acting.


    Situation of the Week:

    What if  your teacher returns an assignment to you? She says that you need to do it over? You think you have already done a pretty good job and you are sick and tired of working! What are your choices? What will you do? Email or call me. 386-530-3856.


    Is there a situation that you are dealing with that you need help with? Call or email me. I am here for you!!

    Week of 4/27

    Here is the Skill of the Week: Completing Assignments

    Situation: It's a Marvelous Monday morning...until....You go to Google Classroom. There are 4 assignments to complete for the week. Oh man!! Not again! Will you make a good choice?

    Here are the steps:

    1. Stop and Think' "Am I going to make a good choice, or a bad choice". What are my choices?

    2. List your choices.

    3. Decide what you are going to do.

    4. If you are choosing to do your work (that would be a good choice) then decide how much you can do each day.

    5. Create a schedule.

    6. Get started and get it done a little at a time.

    7. Submit your work by the due date.

    8. Pat yourself on the back and say "Good job! I did it!"

    9. Share your good choice with your teacher, your siblings, friends or your parents. You can also share with me

    marcia.ricks@marion.k12.fl.us or call 386-530-3856. 


     5/7 It's Friday!! Did you complete your assignments for the week? if you didn't let's get going. You can do it. Pat yourself on te back if you are funished. Go have fun or get some rest. Maybe you can make a card for your mom for Mother's Day.


    Week of 5/18

    Remember, no matter what the situation is, when you stop and think, it's easier to make a good choice. Let's say someone makes you realy angry. You just want to punch him or her. Should you? Here are our steps for making a good choice.

    Step 1: Stop and Think!

    Step 2: Ask yourself "Am I going to make a good choice or a bad choice?

    Step 3: What are the steps to making a good choice?

    Step 4: Do it!

    Step 5: Tell yourself you did a Good Job! Pat yourself on the back.