• Enrichment activities are not required!  I just wanted to provide you with more learning opportunities and fun things to keep you busy!


    EARTH DAY 2020!   https://parade.com/1014585/marynliles/earth-day-activities-adults-kids/ Here are some fun activities to help celebrate!


    IXL Math and Science-your choice of any 4th grade skills that you know you have not yet mastered! ( Multiplication of 2 and 3-digit munbers? Division? Word problems? You know there is something!)  It is also fine to do 3rd or 5th grade skills, if that is what you need!



    Code.org -click link to create your own video game! Try one of the activities on Hour of Code, or sign up for a free course to explore computer programming.


    Freerice.com- click link to practice multiplication facts and basic math or choose many other categories of learning as you help to feed the world!



    Prodigy play this fun Math skills game with your classmates when you enter the same "world" Contact Mrs. Davenport for your sign in information. Davenport class code:F10F28   Newbold class code:BFB27D


    Youcubed at home- Interesting Math activities and games to do at home