• May 18 - 22, 2020


    Studies Weekly Week 26  Celebrate America



    May 11-15, 2020


    Studies Weekly Week 25  American Monuments



    May 4 - 8, 2020


    Studies Weekly Week 28 




    April 27 - May 1, 2020


    Studeis Weekly Week 27   Rights and Responsibilities





    April 20-24,2020


    Studies Weekly Lesson 29  Jobs People Do




    April 13-17. 2020

     paint                         grapes       

    water                                                        tennis balls


     Pop Quiz

    Hey boys and girls,  look at the pictures above. 

    Which objects do you need to live everyday? 

    Which objects could you do with out? 

    Can you look around the house and pick out things that you need to live? 

    Can you find a few items that you could do without?





    Standard SC.K.E.1.4-Identify the differences between basic needs and wants.   (WOW, what a great time for this topic!)



    Studies Weekly, Week 12-Needs and Wants. Answer the questions and take the online test by Friday 4/17.







    Last Week


    Phone Booth  

    Hey Kids, a long time ago, before you were born, if you were not home you had to go into a booth like this picture and there was a telephone that you had to put 25 cents in to use.



    Have you ever seen a phone that you had to pay to use?

    How is this different from the way we make phone calls today?

    Do you know the phone number to get in touch with your mom and dad?





    Standard: SC.K.G.2 Know one's own phone number, street address, city or town and that Florida is the state in which the student lives.



    Log into the Marion County School Student Portal


    Go to STUDIES weekly 

    Social Studies (the top of the page)

    Kindergarten Social Studies (grade K)

    Week 9 (Where do you live?)


    Listen to the lessons, answer questions and collect coins to play on the website. Children can complete one or more of the worksheets (optional).


    Work through the lesson this week and take the test by Friday, the score will show on my program.