• Good Morning! Let's start with our Good Morning Song

    Today is Tuesday, April 7th, 2020. Let's practice the days of the Week

    What is the Weather outside? Now let's practice our Alphabet song with Usher!

    We are learning about the  Letter Nn today. 

    Let's Count to 10 . Our shape for this week is a Circle. Our color this week is the color yellow! What are somethings that are cirlces? Can you find something yellow in your house? Have your parent send me a picture on learning Geine or email of what you find, I can't wait to see! 


    This week we will be learning about the season of spring! What we see in the springtime? Checkout this songs about the four seasons Then listen to our story  for today Mouse's First Spring. Wow we see lots of flowers in spring! Let's see how to draw a flower. Watch this cool video  on How to Draw a Flower.  Now it's your turn, can you make me a flower? You will need a blank sheet  of paper and crayons or markers.  Again I can't wait to see what you come up with!