• Google Classroom:


    Block 1: Ms. Heyliger's Class - (Code: gkztiom)

    Block 2: Ms. Gonzalez's Class - (Code: ao6vhtr)

    Block 3: Ms. Nubin's Homeroom - (Code: 72yfmmg)


    Directions for Google Classroom:


    Students go to your desktop (www.marionschools.net) then click on MCPS desktop, sign in (username and password - same as when you are logging in to do your Iready Minutes), go to "Office 365" and click on it, go to "Outlook" on the left and click on "outlook," sign in with your username: email address (firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net) and password (same password for your desktop), then your email will come up. Look on the left for your teacher email, click on the email, the email will open, click on "Join." Close your email.

    Go to "Google Classroom" on your desktop. Ms. Nubin's Math Class will be there. Click "Join" and input your class code. Ms. Nubin's Math Class will open up. There are four tabs (Stream, Classwork, People, Grades).


    • I will make a post for daily attendance. You need to comment "here," to let me know that you are in attendance.
    • You will be able to see when I post Introduction Videos and Assignments and the Instructions for both.

    Classwork (Your Work) -

    • You will see your "Introduction Video(s)" (comment "watched" to let me know that you watch your Introduction Video) and "Assignment(s)" for the week.
    • Directions for writing on a PDF-based Assignment is in the Instructions and a video is also attached. When you complete your assignment, you will upload your assignment and then click "Turn In." You will be able to see your assignment when its turned in.
    • Week 3 - I have inputted text boxes for you to write on your assignment. Just click on ___ (lines), the text box will come up, and you are able to write in your answers.

    People - Lists everyone in the class.

    Grades - You will be able to see your grades for your assignment.






If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.