• Special Area Assignment Schedule for 2nd and 3rd Graders:

    Please look at the Art, Music and PE Teachers’ Websites as they will have an assignment for the students to complete, 1 Special Area class per week

    April 1-3           Week 1: Music -Please visit Mrs. Morrow’s webpage for assignments   (If you didn't get to do this last week, just turn it in when you can). 

    April 6-10         Week 2: Art- Please visit Mrs. Vasquez’s webpage for assignments

    April 13-17       Week 3: PE- Please visit Scott Moyer’s webpage for PE assignments

    April 20-24       Week 4: Music - Please visit Mrs. Morrow’s webpage for assignments


    (This is the schedule for 2nd and 3rd Grades).    The expectation is that at least one assignment will be turned in for Art, Music, and PE once every 3 weeks, but if you can do PE every week that would be great!