• FYI (For Your Information) grading policy will go as follows:

    • Classwork assignments will worth between 10 to 100 pts depending on the amount of time and effort the assignment required. (example - if the assignment is a quick write that is written in the last ten minutes of class, it may be worth 15 pts; however, if it is an assignment we spent a couple of days working on, it may be worth 75 pts.)
    • Assessment assignments (tests, quizzes, projects) will be worth 50 to 100pts. (depending on the length of the assessment)
    • In the gradebook, they will be entered separately with assessments being worth 55% of your overall grade and classwork 45% of your overall grade.
    • All grades will be calculated on a point system. The total number of points eared is divided by the total possible points, which gives the marking period presentage grade.


                                        90  -  100                     A

                                        80  -   89                      B

                                        70  -   79                      C

                                        60  -   69                      D

                                          0  -   59                      F