• Assignments are displayed on Google Classroom.

    I have sent invites to every student through your marionstudents.net email. ( see your mcps student portal). If you can't find the email, there is a listing of class codes to sign on through your googls classroom app on the student portal.

    Google Classroom can be found on your Student Portal, (where you go for skyward) in Google Apps at the bottom of the page.  Assignments are under Classwork, but you should look through the Stream for information that I will be posting as things change. 


    When you sign in, please post a comment, so I know you have accessed the site.

  • Google Classroom class codes, by period


    Period  0ne: kecpdmn


    Period Two: hmi4jlq


    Period Three: rcflpcu


    Period Four: sjvg6fm


    Period Five: pshjnmq


    Period Six: ajdivnc