• ELA  (May 25th- May 29th) 

    1. Iready Reading- 10 minutes per day 

    2. MyON- read a few books each week and take AR tests   https://hosted257.renlearn.com/72115/

    3. AR- https://www.marionschools.net/ese

    4. Writing Prompt (Optional) Summer Bucket List Writing and Craft- Write about some fun things you hope to do this summer.  Click on the attached link for the craft  Summer Bucket List Craft


    Reading stories for this week- Complete 2 stories/questions.  It can be two stories from CKLA (Grace), two stories from Readwoks. org or a combination of both.  Readworks stories= no picture needed..  CKLA Stories- send picture to Mrs. Bourque. 

    5. ReadWorks.org- Class Code- C6VEAS, password- lunch number. I have assigned 3 stories- choose 2 stories to complete for this week. 

    .Grace    click under Skills 6 Reading Book to access Grace reader

    Skills 6 Reading Book-  

      **Click on assignments below for the stories in the Grace Reader- The Jumping Fish (page 86) and Snakes (page 90).  You may write the questions on notebook paper (remember to send a picture on Class Dojo to your teacher) 

    The Jumping Fish


                  Pronouns (optional) 


            ***Click under Skills 7 Reading Book to access Kay and Martez Reader (this is the last reader for 1st grade)

                                                                            Kay and Martez Reader (Skills 7 Reader) 


                                                                         Kay and Martez Reader