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    Gratitude is Good for You!

    I know that in hard times it is often difficult to see the light or positive aspects of the experience. It is easy to see the "glass half empty" but if we apply GRATITUDE to our daily lives we can teach our brain to see the positive in the path ahead.  Applying the GLAD Technique is very simple. All we need is a journal (a notebook or a text file work too) in which you can record one thing per day!


    G: One Gratitude that you have.

    L: One thing you learned today.

    A: One accomplishment you did today.

    D: One thing that delighted you today.


    Example of a journal entry:  Today Sat. 4/4/2020

    Gratitude: Something that you are thankful for- major or minor.  I am thankful for my family!

    Learned: Something you recognized or figured out. I learned new ways to communicate.

    Accomplished: Something you feel is meaningful, even self-care. I was able to complete all my assignments in time and checked my work twice. 

    Delighted: Something that made you smile, laugh or feel joy.  I enjoy "the peanut gallery" funny comments my kids make when binge-watching their favorite tv shows. 




    The GLAD Technique, Altman (2014).


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