• Distance Learning: Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q: What If I don't have a computer or laptop to do my distance learning?

    A: The school district is signing out laptops to MCPS students. Make arrangements to come to the school to receive one by calling ahead to (352) 671-6010.  You will be informed to drive up to the student pick area in front of the school between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M. through Tuesday, April 7, remain in your car, and someone will come out to bring you the laptop.  Each person picking up a laptop will sign for receipt of the equipment.  There is an optional fee for anyone who wants to insure the equipment against damage.  E-mail john.pope@marion.k12.fl.us if you need additional information.

    Q: What if I can't access my teacher's assignments?

    A:  Go to the Teacher Website Page and look for the instructions.   If the instructions are not clear, e-mail your teacher by finding their name on Teacher E-mail Directory to get more detailed instructions.  

    Q:  How do I check in for attendance?

    A:  Not all teachers are using a standard way of checking in.   Check the teacher's website for instructions or e-mail them directly for clarification.  

    Q:  What if the teacher assignment calls for a textbook and there is no e-textbook and I don't have a textbook at home?

    A:  Textbooks are available for pickup at NMHS.  The process is the same as pick up of the laptops.   Make sure to call ahead with information of the specific book you need to make sure it is pre-arranged for you.  For additional information, please e-mail john.pope@marion.k12.fl.us.

    Q:  Have senior events all been canceled?

    A:  There is no clear answer to this question when it involves events in May or June.  Students and families should stay abreast of updates from the national, state, district and school levels.  No events are scheduled to take place in the month of April while the current guidelines for social distancing are in place.  

    Q:  What if I don't have Internet and can't complete the distance learning online?

    A:  Teachers and administrators are busy putting together packets for every class.   These packets will be available for pick up at NMHS.  Parents and student who notify their teacher or counselor or school administrator that they need packets for their classes will come to the school and retrieve the packets on a weekly basis.  The school will contact the family to come to the school at specified times when administrators are physically at the school.  Students use a phone to take photos of their completed packets and can use cellular data to send the images to their teacher.   If data is not available, students can use the school wifi (if in range in student pickup area) to transmit the images during the packet pickup times.

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