Week 5/18/2020 to 5/22/2020:   

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      iReady Math (45 Minutes) WEEKLY        

     iReady Reading (45 Minutes) WEEKLY

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    This Week's Seesaw assignments:


    #1  Identifying 3D shapes

    #2  Creating a cube

    #3  Understanding the term "face" of a a 3D shape


    #1  Commas

    #2  Phonemic isolation/aw/au/

    #3  Understanding main idea and key details within a text

    #4  Unerstanding syllables/Identify closed syllables/Manipulate syllables to form words

    #5 Understanding informative/explanatory texts (completing a graphic organizer)

    #6 Sorting an informative text by arranging the topic, 3 facts, and closing.

    #7 Independent Reading (20 Minutes Daily)/Reading Response Form

    Social Studies

    #1  Economics (Scarcity and Choices)


    #1  Water, Rocks, and Soil

    #2  Earth's Surface


      Seesaw Assignments and iReady minutes are due every Sunday

    ***Please Make Sure Your Child Hits The Submit/Finish Buttons As They Finish ALL Assignments***


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