• Please be sure to read the information detailed on the main page of my website. There you will find my plan for our time with distance learning. Below on this page you will find details on how to access Google Classroom, the online ELA textbook, and student email. Please let me know if I can help in any way. 



    Most students are already enrolled in their ELA Google Classroom. If you are not, please follow these steps:

    1. Log into your portal and go to your desktop
    2. Click on the bottom row that shows the Google App Icon
    3. Click on Google Classroom Icon
    4. If you do not see Mrs. Welfel's ELA, click the + (plus sign) in the top right corner. 
    5. Enter the code listed below for your ELA class period.

                       Period 1: pcfa7av   

                      Period 2: uiuthak

                      Period 3: vovwxet

                      Period 4: ayjqgkw

                      Period 5: zdxwyrj

                      Period 6: pohc3a4



        1. From the internet sign into your student portal                    

    1. Click on the icon for course schedule (if you don't see it, check "Home 2" located at the bottom of the screen)
    2. Find your e-textbook for Language Arts 
    3. To the right of "My Resources" you will see a drop down menu that automatically defaults to an Escalate textbook. You must change it to "Florida Collections" for either 6th or 7th grade depending on your grade level. 
    4. Select Student e-Book. 
    5. From here you can use the navigation bar on the left to find your materials. 



    1. From the internet sign into your student portal

    2. Select Office365. 

    3. From here you can go to Outlook for your email account. You also have access to other features such as One Drive and the Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, etc).