Parents: The following is a list of critical words and sight words for the beginning of the Kindergarten school year that we will be working on the first 9 weeks.


    Many of them appear on I Ready (our in-class computer program) as a lesson. Work with your child on a few words at a time as you move through the list.  Sight word activities should be fun so that children will be interested in learning the new words.


    The picture above is an activity we sometimes do in class, they get a check each time they say the word quickly. When they get 5 checks on a word, they are able to paint the gumball.



    Suggestions: Write them in crayons, markers, sand or dirt outside, shaving cream, chalk on the sidewalk, use them in sentences, post one word every few days on the refrigerator.


    I will add additional words as we continue through the year.


    Kinder Words   Color Words   Number Words  

    a                                        red                              one                                     

    A                                        yellow                          two                                      

    I                                         blue                             three