• STEMscopes - How to access STEMscopes for science activities:


     Click on Programs from your child's portal and then click on STEMscopes



    Click on STEMscopes




    Click on an assignment to complete:


    Studies Weekly - How to access Studies weekly for Social Studies and Science 

    Please have your child log into their portal and at the bottom of the screen you have options to select which screen to view, please click on "eTextbooks" and then select Studies Weekly.

    Portal Screen

    When the application opens please select Florida Studies Weekly - Kindergarten.


    E-Textbook Screen

    At this point you should see each week, please select "Week 2 Where are You?" and click on Continue Reading" the story will read to your child, complete the activities within the link and let your child answer the quiz on their own.


    Studies Weekly   Weekly Selection