• We will be using Google Classroom for our virtual learning assignments. Every student has been invited to their Google Classroom page using their LMS associated student email address. If you have yet to log in to Google Classroom, check your student email to log in IMMEDIATELY! Assignments have already begun.

    Using Google Classroom:

    We will be submitting ALL assignments in Google Classroom. Do NOT email assignments to me for submission if you have access to Google Classroom via a laptop or computer. I have an entire section on each Google Classroom page titled "Google Classroom & eTextbook Help" that includes resources for opening and submitting assignments and using your online textbook.

    If you do not have a laptop:

    If you do not have a laptop or computer at home but you DO have internet access, please email me immediately from your PARENT email address with your student name, student ID, and statement that you do have internet access in order to use a laptop from the school.

    If you do not have internet:

    Please immediately contact someone at the school so that your student can have their assignments printed to be picked up and completed.