• ELA:

    CKLA Skills 6 Reader- Read chapter 1.

    Activity- Write a summary of Chapter 1. What did you learn from this chapter? Write your response on a piece of paper and send me a picture of it on Class Dojo. OR Email me a typed copy if you wish.



    Multiple Step Word Problems

    Actual Size Activities

       -Activity #1- ESTIMATE the sizes before you measure. 

       - Activity #2- Task Cards- Use chalk (if you have it) and follow the prompts. Complete the last page. 

       - Activity #3- Fact Cards

    Science: See files for Science

    Monday- Stemscopedia (textbook)- read and answer any questions in the text. 

    Tuesday- Reading Article- Answer the questions.

    Wednesday- Writing about Rocks

    Thursday/Friday- Take the assessment


    Social Studies: Go to your Studies weekly tile in your portal and complete week 13. Read and complete the coin questions. After you have comleted this, you may take the assessment. Please take your time, I would suggest opening the test in another tab so you can see the text as you take the assessment.