• Week of 4/6 through 4/12

    This week we will wrap up Unit 9 Quadratic Functions and Equations. Quadratic Functions have many "real-world" applications and will be covered on future tests you will take in high school such as the PERT, SAT and ACT. It is important you are comfortable with modeling with quadratic equations and solving them. The assignments this week give you the opportunity to apply these skills through culminating activities. We will not be using Pearson Realize this week. Instead, we will be using Google Classroom and Desmos (a link will be given for Desmos).


    1.)  Click here to access the assignment. Recall that Quadratic functions have parabolas for graphs. You will be given five Quadratic Equations in which you must calculate the axis of symmetry, calculate the coordinates of the vertex, and determine if the graph of the equations have a minimum or a maximum. Then, you must use the five methods we learned in class and reviewed last week to solve these equations. You may only use each method once, thus they all have to be used. You may type your work, create a Powerpoint, simply do it on paper and submit a picture, or present your work in another creative way. Your work must be submitted through Google Classroom, or it can be emailed to me. 


    2.) A situation with discussion questions will be posted on Google Classroom. You must respond to the discussion by collaborating with others and answering at least two of the questions posted. Even if you get the same answer as another student, you should state why you think that answer is correct. If you disagree with someone, please be respectful and politely respond to them, just like you would in the classroom. Please comment before the end of the week. As an entire class, all the questions should be answered. You can earn bonus points for helping others and making multiple posts, answering all of the questions instead of just two.


    3.)  You have two choices for this Desmos activity. Click here for MarbleSlides: Parabolas or click here for "Will It Hit the Hoop?"you only have to complete one of these activities. Once you have clicked on either link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Student Preview". Read and click through the slides, following the directions on each one. You do NOT have to complete each and every slide. If you are struggling on any of them, you can usually find the answer towards the bottom of the slide under "Sample Responses." Once you have gone through all of the slides (you can skip a few slides if necessary), it will automatically inform me that you are done with the activity.