• May 18-22, 2020


    Standard: Health


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    Studies Weekly: Science

    Unit 2 Week 6:   Be Healthy


    My On Stories: (Optional)

    Keeping You Healthy

    Healthy Snacks

    apple   veggies    grapes

    You all know that Mrs. Marino and I like candy BUT....we also eat healthy snacks. It's okay to have a piece of candy every once in a while but fruit, cheese, peanut butter and veggies are the BEST!


    Grade: Send me a picture of your Health Snack!



    May 11-15, 2020

    Standard: Models

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    Studies Weekly: Science

    Week 6


    MyOn Stories:(optional)

    1. Using Models and Math in Science


    AR test (optional)


    We use models to help us learn many things. Look at this model of dinosaur bones that Margaret made. This model helps us learn more about the dinosaur and its body.dino bones Can you make a model that we can learn from?  Send me a picture!!

    Maddie-model Maddy's model of a spider!  How many legs does a spider have? How many eyes?



    May 4 - 8, 2020

    Standard: Physical Science Magnets and Gravity

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    Studies Weekly: Science

    Magnets and Gravity

    Complete the Lesson on Science Weekly



    MyOn Stories:(optional)


    1. Magnets Pulling together, Pushing Apart

    2. Magnets Push, Magnets Pull

    3. A look at Magnets



    AR test on books (optional)


    Look at the Magnets in our classroom. Magnets attract to some things and do not attract to others.



    Board magnets  Hinge magnet  Book Magnet





    Do you have a magnet on your refrigerator like Piper does? If you do take that magnet and see what other items will attract to the magnet or not attract the magnet. 

    Send me a pic!!  I love looking at you guys !

    Piper Magnets  



    April 27 - May 1, 2020

    Standard: K.P.10.1-Observe that things that make sound vibrate.

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    MyOn Stories:

         1.Sound: Loud, Soft, High, Low

         2. All About Sound

         3. All Kinds of sounds

         4. Do Bears Buzz?


    AR test on the book (optional)


    Grade: After reading stories during the week, make sound on your own. Email a picture to Mrs. Gibas.

    Check out Caleb making sound!Caleb making sound

    He said "I heard my footsteps. Clapping makes sound.

    What kind of sound can you make?Caleb guitar Emma





    April 20-24, 2020


    Standard: SC.K.N.1.3 Keep records as appropriate such as pictorial records of investigations conducted. 

    Studies Weekly-Week 3 Physical Science-Energy. complete the lesson.


    Go outdoors and collect data (with words or pictures) by observation on the sun's energy and any sound energy that you hear. Email a picture to Mrs. Gibas.

    Last week's assignment:

      Finn ball  Finn flatten Finn flat  Margaret mixing margaret skelton

    Emma Sciencce matthew Matthew cut

    April 13-17, 2020


    Standard: SC K. P. 9.1 Recognize that the shape of materials such as paper and clay can be changed by cutting, tearing, smashing, or rolling.

     Studies Weekly, go to Science Weekly Week 2, Things Can Change. Do the lesson and answer the questions. We do not have access to the assessment.


    Please take a picture of paper, clay or other substance that your child has changed by cutting, tearing, smashing, rolling or all of these together!! Email the picture to Mrs. Gibas.

    April 1-10, 2020


    Hey boys and girls, remember when we were conducting this science experiment? We had our saftey googles on and were following the Scientific Procedure. Tell someone in your house about this experiment. 



    Standards: SC.K.P.8.1 Sort objects by observable properties, such as size, shape, color, temperature (hot or cold), weight (heavy or light) and texture.


    March 30-April 10


    Log Into the Marion County School Student Portal.


    Go to STUDIES weekly 

    Science (the top of the page)

    Kindergarten Science (gradeK)

    Week 1 (What Are Things Made Of?)


    Work through the lesson this week.


    Compare Easter eggs that you see around your house or ones that you have made.

    Which ones are bigger, smaller or have the same shape. How does a real egg feel compared to a paper egg?