• iReady says that my browser on my phone or tablet is not supported. What should I do?

    Click here to watch a tutorial to show you how to solve the problem.


    How do I complete my Social Studies Weekly assignments?

    If you have questions about how to use Social Studies weekly or how to complete the assignments, please click here to watch a video tutorial: Social Studies Weekly Tutorial


    How do I know if my child has completed their Teacher Assigned lessons on iReady?

    If you do not know how to complete the iReady Teacher Assigned Lessons, please click here for a tutorial: iReady Teacher Assigned Lessons Tutorial


    How do I complete the MyOn project?

    If you need help completing your MyOn Project, please click here to watch a video tutorial: MyOn Project Tutorial Video


    Who do I call if I am having technology problems?

    Please contact the Parent Tech Hotline at (325) 867-2100. They are open from 7:30 AM until 4:30 PM.