• yoop plory

    May 11, 2020

    Hey Everybody !!

    I have added all the stickers for 100's so far to YOOP and Plory !





    Yoop and Plory.....we are still keeping score!!


    When you get a 100 in either subject, draw a star on a paper and I will put your sticker on the chart. It is a close race...



    You can access I Ready after you have logged in the Student Portal, children are very knowledgable about how to log in, where to check their progress and what their scores mean.


    Our goal for time is 45 minutes each subject area, READING and MATH per week. 


    Remind children that if they are just sitting there not answering questions the time clock DOES NOT move, they must be engaged.


    There are Learning Games in the Math section, these games work on their math facts and DO NOT record time for them. They can play them all they want but they must to do lessons to record time.


    Children need to work as independently as possible on the lessons.