• Hello Parents:

    I hope you are all safe and healthy.  Some things to remember and do:  Be sure to be checking class dojo and Google Classroom on a regular (at least twice a day) basis.  Google Classroom is essential as that is where you will find, complete, and turn in your daily assignments.  I will be sending important notifications (ie. zoom meeting and credentials  and updates and changes to existing conditions) and recording behavior during Zoom meetings on class dojo and making changes/additions to assignments as well as posting grades on Google Classroom.

    Now,  getting on Google Classroom: First parents, make sure everyone is completely logged out of any Google app on the device your student will be using.  Next, get to the Marion County Public Schools home page and let your child log in to the portal with their credential like they do to get on IReady.  When they get to the portal page, if the Google Classrom tile is not there, look at the ribbon of options at the bottom of the screen.  There should be a "google" option...click on it and all the available google tiles should show.  Have your child click on the Google Classroom tile and find me/our class (Mrs. Cochran's Cruisers).  Join our class and at some point you will need to enter our class code that was sent to youin a dojo message.  If this code is not working, double check that you have completely exited all other google options.  To know this, look on the portal page in the top right corner.  If your child's name is not there next to the box with the arrow facing left, then you aren't logged out.  Just click that box with the left facing arrow to log yourself out and go back to the MCPS Home page and start again with your child's credentials.  Before you click on the Google Classroom tile on the portal page, make sure your child's name shows in the top right corner next to the box with the arrow.  At this point click on the Google Classroom tile and join our class and get started.

    Now that you have joined, check out the assignments.  This is where I will be getting 4th qtr grades from...completed assignments...so there are some things I need you (student and parent) to know and do.  As the student, I need you to be diligent and get online every day and do the assignments given for that day only.  Don't try to do every thing all in one day.  Starting next week, I will be changing how assignments appear.  I will be grouping them by day instead of by subject to make it easier for you.  This way you will know what to do that day.  Once you complete an assignment, turn it in, but not before.  Remember, I can check Myon self selected reading minutes as well as minutes and passed lesson scores on IReady.  As for activity/practice pages, parents this is where I need your help.  For the assignments that have a paper practice, have your child label a sheet of paper with their name and the name of the practice page and write their answers on their paper.  Then I need you to take a picture of it and send it to me in class dojo.  Assignments that are not turned in will receive a score of 60% in the grades portion of Google Classroom and that is what goes in my grade book.  Assignments that are turned in late (starting 4/13/20) will recieve a lower grade depending on how late.

    Lastly, I will be giving conduct grades with dojo during our Zoom sessions.  Our classroom rules and procedures still apply.  I need you focused and participating during our Zoom sessions, not being disruptive.  I know this is new for all of us, but it is serious.  Your education is serious and the better you pay attention the faster we can take care of business and you can get to your daily assignments.

    Thank you for your patience and flexibility.  We can do this!!



    Mrs. Cochran

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    Posted by Deborah Cochran on 4/2/2020 8:30:00 AM
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