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    Reading CKLA:

    Tricky Word Review

    Current list of tricky words:

    one, two, three, the, a, blue, yellow, look, I, are, little, down, out, from, all, was, when, word, why, to, where, no, what, so

    Please use the cards that were in your take home packet. Put the cards in random order and have your child read them to you. Be creative and make copies of the words on index cards and place them in different spots in your house. As they walk by they need to tap a word and read it.


    Please see my instructions under "How to". Once you log into CKLA parent access, I would save your login information, this will enable you to click on my links below. Otherwise you will need to login every time.

     The following links will work once you have logged into CKLA Parent access.


    Sound & Letter Review

    Please go to the CKLA web link that I sent you and go to the multimedia page and have your child review the sounds and the video that plays for each sound. They love the videos. They are very short.


    Student Reader Book Links

    Zack and Ann   Table of Contents


    Don't forget to continue working on their 100 word list in their binder.  


    Count to 100 with Jack Hartman


    Coun to 100 by 10's with Jack Hartman


    Count to 100 by 5's with Jack Hartman




    2D Shapes