•  Technologies

    We will continue to use Class Dojo for communication and My Class Webpage to share materials and assignments. Other platforms such as iReady, MyOn, Studies Weekly, StemScopes and more will be used for instruction, practice, & task completion.  My goal is to make navigation as easy as possible for the first graders.  If you bookmark this webpage for your child, they can access the MCPS Desktop directly at the top of this page.

    Most platforms can be accessed through the student's Marion County Public School Desktop or MCPS Desktop.

    Username: firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net

    Password: Their regular school log-in password

    Please let me know if you need log-in assistance.


    Task Completion

    Per Marion County Public Schools Distance Learning Handbook, tasks for the week will be publicized consistently on the first day of the student instructional week. During distance learning, the student instructional week is defined as Monday through Friday. 

    April 5- May 1st

    • 3 ELA (English Language Arts) task
    • 3 Math task
    • 1 Science task
    • 1 Social Studies tasks
    • 45 I-Ready minutes
    • 20 minutes of reading daily


    Please remember, printed copies & additional paper games/supplemental materials are available upon request. I want to be flexible in ensuring all students have access to the opportunity to learn during this time. 



    The handbook also states that "Taking attendance is still a legal obligation, even in an online setting, and is a record that is frequently monitored for compliance. Students can demonstrate attendance in a number of ways, including but not limited to the examples listed below."

    • Logging into an online platform (I can check this by seeing minutes on iReady, MyOn, Think Central, STEMscopes)
    • Liking the attendance message via Class Dojo


    I understand this is a lot, even for me as the teacher. This is new to all of us and I intend to be patient & understanding as we work through this time. As always, please reach out on Class Dojo or email me with any questions or concerns!