• FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions 

    These are the most frequently asked questions.


    How is the virus so bad?


    It is so bad due to the fact that it is a novel virus meaning it has not been seen in humans before. This means that we don’t have an immunity to it, yet. You can become immune to a disease by getting the disease, living through it, and your body will be able to fight it better the next time you get it. Another way to become immune is through a vaccine. None exist, yet, for COVID-19. 


    Do I have to participate in the Zoom meetings? If so, how do I get onto Zoom and the password? Will you have a zoom meeting every day?


    You do not need to participate in every Zoom meeting for every teacher. However, your goal is to attend as many as possible. We miss you when you aren’t there and live interaction produces the best gains in learning. Go to Google Classroom to find the links and passwords. You do not need a Zoom account. Copy and paste the weblink and then you can join the meeting. 


    Is it confirmed that we don't go to school till May 1st?


    Yes. This is confirmed. 


    About the work due, did I HAVE TO DO THE supplemental work? How do we turn in the science thing from the Marion county homepage? Are we supposed to write out the answers from the questions last week and send them to you? What is the supplemental work?


    The work from MCPS was supplemental. Many teachers will now ask for you to complete and produce that work. I am one of those teachers. I will give you specifics in the assignment section of my teacher’s webpage and in the Google Classroom under Classwork. Instructions on how and where to complete the work can also be found there. 

    The supplemental work was given by the school district when it was determined that schools needed to stay closed due to COVID-19 concerns. The district and our school sent out emails and phone calls regarding this work. In addition, I added it to my webpage and Google Classroom for easy access. You can access it here: 


    Link to District Website


    If we need help with work cause we don't understand it what do we do?


    Email me or come to my Zoom office hours. 


    Will there be online tests/quizzes?


    Yes. There will be both. 


    When is the zoom meeting? I’m in confusion. 


    The meeting times are listed on my teacher’s website and in Google Classroom. Go to Google Classroom to find the links for the day along with the password.


    How will we receive our report cards?


    We are still waiting to receive an answer to that question. As soon as I know, I will post an answer to this question. 


    How am I gonna do all this?


    You’re going to take it one step at a time. Digest it in small chunks. Ask questions. Breathe! It’s going to work out with perseverance, dedication, and grit!


    How are you doing?


    Wow! My students are so thoughtful and caring! I received this question so many times! Thank you for asking. I’m doing well. I’ll bet that we have some of the same hopes and fears during all of this. I love teaching, science, and my students so, I am super happy to be back at doing what I love!