• Hi everyone, during this time of social distancing all instructional information will be provided here! 

    Some things that will take place during this time:

    I will call or or email you weekly to see if you need help and to see how you are doing!

    I cannot take work from you because of (Covid-19) so please take a picture and text it to me or scan it and email it to me for grades!

    Please be patient we are all in this together!


    Office hours:

    I will be available from 8:40-2:40 online for questions or help completing the assignments. I can also be reached by my cell phone and soon you will all recieve your personal call in time arranged via email. Please consider this time as your one on one to share any important information needed for successfully completing your assignments.

    • 352-362-3285
    • tangela.byrd@marion.k12.fl.us