• Distance Learning

    My office hours are Monday-Friday from  2:00 to 3:00    I will do my best to respond to your emails and texts on Class Dojo  as soon as I am able,  to ensure great lines of communication during this school year. 

      All class-specific updates are on Class Dojo and My Teacher's Webpage.    Also...we will beging using Microsoft Teams soon.   I will let you know when. 

     If you are not connected to Class Dojo...please do as soon as posible.   You can also reach me via email or a phone call. 

    idania.stout@marion.k12.fl.us   (352)   291-4075



    We will continue to use Class Dojo for communication and My Class Webpage to share materials and assignments. Other platforms such as iReady, MyOn, iXL, AR, Brainpop Jr., Studies Weekly, Zoom, and TEAMS will be used for instruction, practice, & task completion.  My goal is to make navigation as easy as possible for the first graders.  If you bookmark this webpage for your child, they can access the MCPS Desktop directly at the top of this page.

    Most platforms require signing in to the student's Marion County Public School Desktop or MCPS Desktop.

    Username: firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net

    Password: Their regular school log-in password

    Please let me know if you need log-in assistance. Passwords differ slightly for AR and iXL. 



    We will follow the school shedule.    Class begins at 8:00  A.M. and ends at 2:00 P.M.  After 8:00 A.M.  If not present... your child will be marked absent!  

    Our schedule:


    Mrs. Stout’s on line schedule

    First grade---2020-21


    7:45 to 8:00                             Meet Up / Attendance

    8:00 to 8:30                             Whole class Math (kick starts, morning Math)

    8:30 to 9:00                             CKLA  whole class

    9:00 to 9:15                              CKLA  Knowledge

    9:15 to 10:00                            Small group CKLA -guided reading /iReady or MyOn

    10:00 to 10:30                           Social Studies

    10:30 to 11:00                           MTSS (selected students) iReady Math

    11:00 to 11:30                            LUNCH

    11:30 to 12:00                           Math

    12:00 to 12:15                           Math /MTSS -Review, IXL, Go Math, iready Math

    12:15 to 12:45                           Science

    12:45 to 1:15                             Writing    (Mon. Tues. Wed) 

                                                       Art on Thursday     Music on Friday

    1:15 to 1:30                               Recess (on your own)

    1:30 to 2:00                               PE