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    Posted by David Rau on 4/1/2020

    Zoom Zoom Zoom!

    It's the hot new thing these days have you heard!?

    I'll give a brief overview of my zoom plans and policies here: 

    Zoom meetings will be held around alpha time: 11AM - 1PM and each day will vary slightly as my son is home with me and I'm trying to coordinate with his nap time. 

    Monday: Calculus

    Tuesday: Statistics

    Wed-Fri: PreCalc 12-1



    1. Zoom meetings have the same norms as an in class setting, so any behavior that violates Marion, West Port, or my own policies will be punishable.


    2. All Zoom Meetings will be recorded for all to benefit from later if they can't attend, and for the sake of evidence of positive or negative student behavior within the meeting.


    3. Asking Questions: Please mute your microphone and ask questions through the chat. Once called on, if I need you to clarify further or need more detail, you can unmute yourself to clarify questions


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