• Hello Parents! We are going on a new art adventure! I will be posting different art activities you can do with your child at home. I am understand that you all have different supplies at home, so use what is available and have fun!  Please email me or send a picture(if you can) when the activity is complete.

    I miss you all and hope you are safe and healthy during this time. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

    Contact Information: Kio.Weber-Lee@marion.k12.fl.us



    1. Texture

    Show video: youtube.com/watch?v=DVS9XSqt90

    Find three objects/things from around the house and help your child touch the texture of the object. 

    Things to talk with your child about when doing this activity: 

    Say the the word texture- texture is the way a surface feels or how it may look like it feels. Place objects/things in childs hand and talk about how they feel (for example: a water bottle may feel both smooth and bumpy or a pillow might feel soft/fuzzy or a toothbrush spiky).


    2. Color

    Read a favorite story or go to youtube Storyline online (they have lot's of great choices) and listen to a story read to you by a famous actor/actress. As you read/listen to the story talk about the colors you are observing. For example: The car is blue. Blue is a primary color. Blue is a cool color.


    Primary colors: red, blue, yellow

    Secondary colors: orange, green, purple

    Warm colors: red, orange, yellow

    Cool colors: blue, green, purple


    video: (optional) Sesame Street: 3 primary colors on you tube



    3. Shape



    Geometric shapes:

    Circles, squares, rectangles, triangles etc. - have clear edges one can achieve using tools to create them.

    Most geometric shapes are made by humans.


    Organic shapes:

    Are shapes with a natural look and a flowing and curving appearance.

    Organic shapes and forms are typically irregular or asymmetical.

    Organic shapes are associated with things in the natural world, like plants and animals.


    Go on a walk inside or outside and take a look at all the different shapes you can see.

    Talk about the shapes you are observing and distinguish if they are organic or geometric.


    Watch (optional) https://youtu.be/ZAqSiJsdmsA



    4. Salt Dough




    Alternative Recipe (gluten free)

    2 cups cornstarch

    1 cup inexpensive conditioner

    Food coloring optional

    Mix together until it forms a dough.

    The dough can be saved in a tupperware container.



    Below are instructions to create your pinch pot.



    Once your pot is made you have a few options to decorate it.

    You can add beads and any other decorations you would like to push into the salt dough.

    If you would like to paint it, wait for it to dry then paint with acrylic paints- use a sealer to finish it off and protect it.

    You may also decorate with impresssions- using pasta, a straw or natural materials like leaves.


    .       .


    Another option:  You can mold the salt dough into a circle and press your child's hand into it to create a keepsake.

    You may want to include the date and year as well.


    *Please remember to keep the salt dough away from animals. We don't want any 4-legged friends to think it is a snack.