Distance Learning


    * We will use this teacher webpage for all assignments. This is where you will locate all materials such as PowerPoint’s, notes, videos, links, etc. and directions in what to do.


    * Programs that will be used include the class workbook, the etextbook, Moby Max, IXL, Youtube, Teachertube, Google Classroom, Powerpoint, photos and other programs yet to be discovered. 

    Program structure: 

    * The first thing you should do each week is to read the weekly agenda for assignments and instructions. (The weekly agenda is found in the menu at the left starting with 2019-2020 and your block number.  In the middle of that page you will find Current and past due assignments.  Below each of those is the weekly agenda.  Click on weekly agenda and you will be doing the red print assignments if you are using technology or the black print assignments if you do not have technology available.

    * The Weekly Agenda will be posted on Tuesday mornings at 8am and assignments will be due on Sunday evenings at 8pm. The weekly agenda assignments will not change once posted for the week so you don't need to keep looking back at it throughout the week.  You may use the agenda as a checklist to make sure everything is completed for the week.

    * Expect 2-3 assignments per week, 1-2 of which will be graded. These expected assignments will be clearly listed on the weekly agenda.


    Contact Information:

    *  If you have a question, the first action you should take is to reread the weekly agenda or ask a parent or older sibling for assistance if possible.

    *  I am available by phone, text, or email on Tuesday through Friday during school hours.

    * I am always available through email or text and will respond within 24 hours.