History in Photography: A Student's Life during a Pandemic

  • This is a final family project and for all grade levels


     The student must be in the picture (with their face half covered), while someone else takes the picture from above. You may want to keep your photos to document this historical event in our life time. 

    Photography is a form of Art using a camera as a tool. The photographer is the artist that takes the pictures. These pictures can be made into printed copies and sold to buyers. The photographs or pictures, can also be used in magazines, books, newspapers, road advertisement signs or business websites. 

    Photography is a form of art that has the ability to capture moments in time. These pictures can record historical events. We can look back at these pictures and then remember what that moment was like, who was there, and how we felt in that space of time. 


    Step 1: To begin your project, you will need to pick a background for a picture. You will lay down on the floor on your background, so choose carefully. Think about the texture (how something feels). You may use a clean floor, a favorite blanket, or a concrete porch, a shaded grassy area, or your bed. It should reflect where you spend most of your time or how you feel.You may use chalk on concrete to write the year 2020 or decorate with a positive picture or message. (Family can help with this fun project)

    Step 2: You will look around your house and find things that are important to you, as you learn through distance learning and stay home and safe during this historical pandemic (Historical means an event that will be recorded in history). Gather up items that make you feel comfortable and use daily during this time. Think about school supplies, if you wear pajamas more since you are home, a lap top, favorite snacks, games you have played, or toys that have entertained you since we have had to stay home. Do you play on a tablet or cell phone or video game system? You can include this in your picture. Even your favorite pet cat, dog, bunny, or chicken can be in your picture. If you have a face mask or something to cover your nose and mouth such as a scarf or towel, please wear that. Covering your face is required in some areas of the United States of American and in some other countries around the world. You may also use a favorite book to cover your mouth and nose for the picture. 

    Step 3: Arrange all of your important things on your background surface and lay down in the middle of them. This will look and feel a little silly. You know art can be a little challenging! Take a few practice pictures with a parent or grown up. Practice placing your items in different spots, and your arms in different positions. A photographer takes many many pictures to get the perfect picture.

    Step 4: Email the picture to me for a grade.

Self p
  • Nature Self Portrait

    Take a nature walk with your family or explore your own backyard and collect items that you can use to make a self portrait.  That's right a picture of you! Anything that is found in nature will be acceptable to use. Rocks, leaves, pine cones, twigs, flowers, acorns - if it comes from nature you can use it. Your portrait must contain two eyes, a nose, mouth, hair, ears if they show. Neck and shoulders are optional. Think about the shapes of your facial features (eyes, nose, mouth). Arrange your collection of object to make your face. Take a picture and send it to me by email. Jeanne.baines@marion.k12.fl.us Any extras you can add are even better! For example a frame, earrings, bows, glasses,a background. Stretch your brain and be creative!


    Please remember to include your first and last name and your class code or your homeroom teachers name and grade

Color Wheel
  • Welcome 1st Grade!

    You found your virtual art page and I am so happy that you are here! Let's start by having some fun and make some art with materials that you already have around the house. Look around and gather materials to make a found object color wheel. Make a color wheel with objects you have at home. Remember to ask your parents permission and when you are done please email a picture to me at Jeanne.baines@marion.k12.fl.us Please remember to include your first and last name and your class code or your homeroom teachers name and grade. Remember ROYGBIV and that is Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  If you want to do some extra art (remember this part is optional) please draw your own color wheel and color it in with crayons, colored pencils, markers or paint if you have it. Any kind of paper will do, you can even use notebook paper. If you can find some old scrap paper you could use the back. Pleases remember to ask your parents if the paper you are selecting will be ok to use for art.