• Below you will find the schedule for special areas. Your child will only need to complete two special area classes per week.


    Week of:
    4/1 - Art and P.E.
    4/6 - Science Lab and Makerspace
    4/13 - Music and Computer

    4/20 - Art and P.E.

    4/27 - Science Lab and Makerspace
    To be continued, if needed.


    Here are the google class codes/class information for each special area:
    Art: fxv54fl
    Makerspace: nofo4e5
    Science Lab: lvvzosx
    PE: bnd4hw6
    Music: 2exmmc5
    Computer: using code.org, check Mr. Yerdon's website for more information


    Schultz Digital Learning: you do not need a classroom code, I input each of my students automatically. When you sign-in to your Google Classroom, my class will show up automatically.


    If the code doesn't work, or you have any other questions related to special areas please email the special area teacher. I cannot answer questions regarding their classes.


    I have attached a photo showing where you would click to add a class to your child's Google Classroom. Once you sign into Google Classroom click the plus sign (+) then use the class code.


    adding class