• Some information obtained about how to do Text to Speech for those students who may like to have work red to them (information shared with me from Mrs. Brenda Brown)


    For Chromebooks that you checked out from school:


    Click on the battery icon in the lower right.


    A window will open, click on accessibility.


    Click on ChromeVox.


    I also had to go to the gear at the top right and click on it.


    Under "speak text under the mouse" toggle it to the right. This moves a box around on the page and what is in the box is spoken.


    You may need to this on and off as needed because it will read everyting on the page constantly!




    Speak It



    Read Aloud



    Read Aloud is the most used and recommended narration extension of that type but ither shoul be easy to use for your purposes.


    Following these links will take you to the installation page.