• I will be available Monday through Friday from 8am to 9am and 12pm to 1pm via phone (352-389-5141 since we are not at school) and everyday via email. Email is probably the best way to contact me.

    It is expected that each week your child has 45 minutes each of interactions with IReady Reading and Math. This can be accessed from your child student desktop. To get to their desktop, they will type in www.marionschools.net and click the small computer icon. From there they will sign in to thier desktop with their sign on and password. If your child does not remember it, please contact me and I will help you.

    In addition I would like for your child to access their Smarty Ants (www.play.smartyants.com) account and work on it.

    READING: Each week you will have 3 assignments in Reading/Writing in addition to the 45 minutes of IReady reading program work. We also want your child to spend 20 minutes a day reading either a book you have or through the MyOn icon found on thier desktop. I want to also encourage you to have your child work on smarty ants for at least 30 minutes. If they do more, that is awesome.

    MATH: For math you will have 3 assignments in addtion to the 45 minutes of IReady math program work. To access most of these assignments, you will have to go to your child's desktop and click on the blue Think Central (GO MATH) icon. We also have a program called IXL that can be accessed from your child's desktop.

    Science: Each Week your child will have an assigment. It may be a worksheet or you will access the program StemScopes on his/her desktop. If it is a worksheet once it is completed, you will take a picture and email it to me to grade.

    Social Studies: You will have one assignment a week and it will probably be using the Studies Weekly Ebook on your child's desktop.

    In addtion to these assignments your child will be expected to look in their Special Area teachers sites for the assignments they will have for them.

    Week 1 & Week 4 will be ART with Rachel Davidsen             

    Week 2 & Week 5 will be PE with Travis Emrich

    Week 3 & Week 6 will be Music with Brooke Hutto