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  • I am having a difficult time contacting some students to give instructions so that they know what to do. For that reason I will be making their first easy assignment, sign up for Google classrooms.
    [Just learned we are required as teachers to take attendance, I will be doing that through Google Classrooms]

    Use the code for your period:

    1st period-        6vrxopa

    2nd period-       vicpbce

    3rd period-        4kuakvt

    4th period-        atjn6pn

    5th period-        7z5scc6

    6th period-        vvdow6k


    Parents if you want updates specifically for parents you may join my parents google classrooms:

    Algebra 1 Parents-                y4kzvor

    Geometry Honors Parents-    fnryswh

    Their second assignment is to join a Zoom once this week at least for 10 minutes.
    [starting Thursday (for Algebra 1 students) & Friday (for Geometry Honors students)]