Mrs. Nowery

    6th Grade Math Instructor

    Osceola Middle School

    Distance Learning Homepage


    Dear Parents & Students:

    Welcome to Mrs. Nowery's website. I hope that I can ease your mind by having good and clear instructions and communication. :)

    I know that these are difficult times and I want to be able to work together in a supportive and cohesive manner.  Feel free to reach out when you have concerns or questions.

    I plan on making calls as needed from 11:00-1:00.  Emails will be responded usually in the same day it was received.  As time progresses I will familiarize myself better with the Zoom App and hold

    instructional conferences as needed.  The Zoom Conference Times and Dates will be announced via their Google Classroom. 

    The Distance Learning approach is new to us but I want to ensure that your child learns their 6th grade standards in preparation for 7th grade so I will constantly evaluate my methodology for this approach.


    The Google Classrooms are set up and ready to be implemented starting this Monday, April 6.

    Your child can gain access to their Math Google Classroom (if they have not access it yet) by taking the following steps:

     The following steps will automatically enroll them into their Google Classroom Account:

            1.  Students log into their portal and go to their desktop

            2.  Students click on the bottom row that shows the Google App Icon

            3.  Students click on Mrs. Nowery's Google Classroom for Math

            4.  Once the student clicks on that icon they have been accepted into the Math Google Classroom




    Mrs. Nowery


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