• This page will have Platforms or other devices that would be useful for your student to have downloaded as I intend to use them (Please check back regularly as this will be updated as new tools are discovered and implimented)


    1. School email! This is a quick way of communicationg directly between individual students. To access their email they will need to go to the Marion Desktop which can be found by googling Marion desktop as the link that says MCPS Desktop v6.5.6.13 or going to this link https://desktop.marion.k12.fl.us/LoginPolicy.jsp. From there they will need to log in using the login information they normally use to log in to the schools computers. Their email will be in the section that says Office 365 under the outlok option.


    2. Zoom - a communication service which I will be using to host live teaching sessions that will also be recorded. Can be used on phone or on a computer, no mic or camera required as there is a text chat if needed (mic would be helpful as voice is always quicker for me to notice but camera is completely unecessary as I don't have one either and students will only be seeing my computer screen


    3. CamScanner - a free phone app that allows for ease of scanning papers if no scanner is available. Can quickly send scans through email without having to worry much about size limit. (there is a paid subscription option but the basics they would want to use is completely free, but it does have ads)


    4. Google Classroom - assignments will be turned in and assigned here. They will be listed on my website as well, but this is the best place for them to be turned in at.