• Accelerated Reader is a program that allows the students to read a book that is in their system, then take a quiz to test the students comprehension skills.  Books are leveled and have been assigned quiz numbers and points.  Each student is assigned a book level, and that level can move up or down according to how well they are doing on the quizzes.  Depending on how well the student does on the quizzes, depends on how many points they will earn.  The goal is to get at least an overall 80%, this will allow the flower to become colored in and the sun shining.  If the sun is not shining, then they are not passing at 80%.   The student can get help when reading the books, but not help when taking the quizzes, and they are not to use the book to find the answers.   I have included the link to AR and the link to AR bookfinder.  AR bookfinder, will give you the quiz score if the book does not have the quiz number on it.  It will also give the AR book level.  If your child doesn't know what level books they should be reading, please send me message.  If you have ANY questions, please message me.    Several books on Myon are AR books.  SO if your child is reading on Myon, look on AR bookfinder to see if it is an AR book.  


    NEW INFORMATION!!!   I was recently told that MYON has updated and has added an AR link to the books that are an AR book.  It will show as a yellow/orange/gold color tab and says AR.  (This is still being investigated, apparently ours is still not working.  Our fabulous Mrs. Boatright is on the case though and hopefully will have it figured out before too long.)   


    These might help you to find the AR quiz number for now.  You can check in MYON to see if the book is an AR and get the quiz number.  Once your child is finished reading, go to the AR link and then take an AR test.  

    Step 1 step 2 step 3

    Username is their lunch number      

    Password is birth month and year.  (example January 2011=012011)