• Welcome to my Homepage! My name is Ms. Shelly Ward and I love my job working with special needs students in the Work Study Program!  I have a 16 year old daughter named Emma who attends West Port High School and two dogs, one named Ezra and the other named Charlie.  They all keep me very busy!  Please feel free to reach out to me anytime on my cell or via email so I can be of assistance in any way.  Thank you!

    Spring Has Sprung!


    I will be availble online from 8:40-2:40 for questions or for help completing the assignments at shelly.ward@marion.k12.fl.us

    I can also be reached via cell phone @ (828)303-6262.

     "GRAB & GO" free meal service - Click here to see updated delivery sites. Families can call 211 or text “FoodFL” to 877-7877 for their nearest serving location.




     In Celebration of Earth Day April 22, 2020, which will be 50 years of celebrating and caring for our Earth, I would like to share "Earth Day Across America! 50 Earth-Saving Projects From Every State!" You can click through each picture for each state and get help reading the caption for each one or, read on your own : ) Consider what you do to help the Earth. What else can you do using some ideas from the slides about each state? Discuss with you parent, sibling, or other household member.  Also, I'd love to hear any ideas you may have or what you do now to keep our shared Earth happy and healthy! Click Link Below to Get Started! 



    More Earth Day FUN! Stories read to you about Reducing our Impact on Earth!  You may read for FUN or, please read through the complete series for full credit due by the end of the year Smiley Face  Click on the

    link below.......

                     Earth Day Recycle





  • Hi Interns, during this time of social distancing all instructional information will be provided here! 

    Some things that will take place during this time;

    I will call or email you weekly to see if you need help and to see how each of you are doing.

    I cannot take work from you because of (COVID-19) so please take a picture and text it to me or scan it and email it to me for grades! Of course, your 'supervisor' (parent) for each work task you complete can give you the points you earned and let me know.  

    I will take at least 1 grade each week for the different assignments you complete.


    Please remember how much I miss each one of you and pray for all of you and your family's good health.   Ms. Ward



    Stay Bright!