• 1.  Here is a link to a VERY helpful website for daily exercise routines.  It is from a person by the name Joe Wicks and he does daily workout videos each week.  It is an awesome resource that will help you reach your daily activity goals SUPER easy.  Please check it out!  Here is the link below, make sure to read the article.  Once on the page, scroll down and click on his youtube channel.  There you will find daily 30 minute workout videos called P.E. WITH JOE.  I believe he updates with a new video everday around 9am.



    2.  Cosmic Kids Yoga is another way to work on staying active and healthy in a fun way.  It is Yoga for kids.  This site has multiple kid themed yoga videos that vary in length.  Please take advantage of this resource as it is another awesome way to help you reach your goals!  Here is the link below.



    3.  GoNoodle is another site offering free videos of great home activities to help students stay active while keeping it fun and exciting!  Make sure to take advantage of this resource!