Distant Learning



    This webpage contains information for you and your student to navigate through this distance learning experience.  This is new to all of us and we do not want to create any added stress to an already stressful and confusing time in all of our families' lives. 

    Your student's work will be found by clicking on the ASSIGNMENTS tab.  They will be updated weekly.  Per district specifications your student's distance learning responsibilities are:


    Each week of distant learning will include all of these numbers of assignments 

    • 3 assignments each week in MATH
    • 3 assignments each week in ELA
    • 1 assignment each week in SCIENCE
    • 1 assignment each week in SOCIAL STUDIES


    Specials: Look on Google Classroom for Assignments

    MUSIC___ Week-4/20--4/24_ 3rd grade

    PE_______Week-4/27--5/01__ 3rd grade

    ART______Week-5/04--5/08__3rd grade