• All students will begin Distance Learning with the downloadable Activity Log.


    If you are unable to use the electronic downloadable version, copies will be available at Anthony Elementary School for pick-up outside the cafeteria on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only.  DO NOT return hard copies to the school after completion.  You can take a picture of the completed log and send it back to me as an email picture attachement or scan the log to your computer and return it via email to me.

    Email to return Activity Log electronically:  greg.solomon@marion.k12.fl.us

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Obstacle Course Assignment:  You will need to find different objects just laying around the house (with parent/adult permission) to use in creating an obstacle course.  The course can be either an indoor or an outdoor obstacle course.  Create at least 7 obstacles to either jump over, go under, go around, climb over, carry to another spot etc.  Please make sure that your obstacle course is safe by having your parent or another adult double check it for safety.

    To get credit for the assignment, simply email me a picture and write a minimum of a 3 sentence description of your obstacle course. Include the items you used, why you chose those items and what kind of obstacle did the item create.  (Example: I used a box for obstacle number one and I used it to crawl through.)

    Alternatively, you can send me a short video of you doing the obstacle course and include a written list of the 7 obstacles you are doing.

    I am providing a few homemade obstacle course links from Facebook.  If they are able to be opened (if they work) simply click the different links and watch.  If they are not usable through the teacher website simply copy and past the link to a different browser page and watch them there. In addition, there are other ideas on YouTube by simply searching "homemade indoor obstacle course" and see what great ideas are out there.  Last thing to know and uderstand - the obstacle course does not have to be a grand scale project:  Keep it simple and fun and again before you build it, make sure you get your parent or other adult permission to use the different items.


    Obstacle Course example 1



    Obstacle Course example 2



    Obstacle Course example 3