Special Areas

  • I received the following information from Coaches and Ms. Dees:


    Hi Teachers. If you could all, next time you reach out to your students, could you please ask them to look at the classroom google site for extra fun for our PE classes. If you could please do me this favor, since there are so many students. Please have them go to the googleclassroom website and join our PE class. Please give kids our class code to enter when joining-  7eonktu
    We want to make sure the kids have fun physical activity everyday and remember nutrition while they are away.
    If there is anything I can help with, please let me know. Stay safe and healthy.
    Coach Alberty
    Good afternoon teachers!
    Piggybacking off of what Coach Alberty has said, my Google Classroom page is set up as well! I am still tweaking the assignment a bit for 2nd/3rd Grade music this week, but that will be perfected by this afternoon and ready to go for tomorrow. 
    I’ve also provided some optional supplemental music activities on the page that students can do at home for fun! 
    The code for student access to my page is: ydidqxe Students should go on using their STUDENT accounts
    Please share with your classes :)
    Ms. Dees