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     ASSIGNMENT FOR: 5/15 - DUE 5/22/20

    World's Most Unusual Buildings Part 2

    Continuing our study of architectural creations from around the world; review the YouTube video titled; World's Most Unusual Buildings.

    This video highlights some additional unique designs and building projects.

    Find the answers to the following questions that identify either architectural or construction specifics.

    1). The NATIONAL MUSEUM of PLAY in New York is a huge facility. The museum is huge and covers how many square feet?

    2). There is a wooden house in Russia that is shown in the video that may be the tallest house of it's kind. An average house is approximately 20 feet tall. How tall is this wooden house?

    3). The MONTREAL BIOSPHERE in Canada was designed by architect; Buckminster Fuller. What is the height and diameter of this geodesic dome?

    4). The INFINITY TOWER is more than 1000 feet tall and is shaped in the form of a twist. The architect designed the tower to twist how far in degrees?

    5). HABITAT 67 was designed as a housing complex by who? They designed it and submitted it for what purpose?

    6). At the GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM in Spain, the architectural design appears to be of random shapes. The curves in those shapes are designed to do what?

    7). In the NATIONAL CENTER for PERFORMING ARTS in China, what were the two building materials primarily used to construct this dome shaped building?

    8). Missouri has a structure built called the TAUM SAUK that looks like a giant pool. However, the structure was actually built for what purpose?

    9). The PALAIS IDEAL in south eastern France was designed by a man with how much formal training as an architect? What did he do for his regular job?

    10). Which of these structures did you find most interesting and why? (Write you answer with a minimum of 24 words).

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