• In order to get into my Google Classroom all you have to do is find the link below for your classroom, click on it and join the classroom using the Classroom Code for your grade level. Please note that you MUST sign in to the classroom using your MarionStudents email address. It won't work if you try to use any other email address, so make sure you are logged into your Student Desktop when you sign up for the classroom.

    If you can not get into your classroom, please email me and I can help you figure out a solution:



    Classroom Code: gadxuig

    1st Grade

    Classroom Code: i4fajk6

    2nd Grade

    Classroom Code: y4cxwml

    3rd Grade

    Classroom Code: ztmz7ek

    4th Grade

    Classroom Code: gbfg5fp

    5th Grade

    Classroom Code: txmkuxl