• To join your Google music classroom, please follow these steps:

    1. Visit google.com

    2. Click "Sign In" in the upper right corner

    3. Type in your child's school email address. Click "next."

    4. Type in the password and click "next."

    5. Click on the Google Classroom icon.

    google classroom icon

    6. Click "join class."

    7. Enter the code for your class, as listed below.





    Mrs. Christie's classes



    Hill (jj3ncnl)

    Watts (xwdqchx)


    1st grade:

    Curiel (tfxb3qm)



    2nd grade:

    Lazo (l25mka2)

    Lopez (aevjxqb)



    3rd grade:

    Raville (hodrrrp)

    Tripp (ytof24q)



    4th grade:

    Morgan (z3xdccf)


    5th grade:

    Dunn (rr56bkv)