• Do I have to participate every day?

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    YES! Every weekday, you must let me know that you are participating by 9:00. You can do this by emailing me at


    or sending me a message through class dojo.

    I will be taking attendance every day and submitting to school, so please don't forget!

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  • How do we do this online learning?

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    We will be using the platform called Google Classroom.  Be sure to enter through your portal, click on google classroom and follow directions to join. Please email me for the class code at monica.maruyama@marion.k12.fl.us

    Through Google Classroom, you will be able to post comments and connect with me and your classmates. All the assignments will be listed  there.

    Also, I will be holding zoom sessions as well as being available for your calls at 9:00-10:00  and 1:00-2:00 every weekday. If these times don't work for you, contact me at any time and we will work it out. Check in on Google Classroom every day for updates and notices. 


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  • What's the class code to join our Google Classroom?

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    Access Google Classroom through your portal. (Let me know if it's not there for some reason, or contact the school for help there)

    The access code is: 



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  • Do I have homework/classwork?

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    Yes. It will be listed under the assignment tab which will direct you to GOOGLE CLASSROOM. 

    Minimum work REQUIRED each wee:

    iready math 45 minutes  (you can go over up to 90 min for ireadys)

    iready Reading 45 minutes

    READING at least 20 minutes each day. Please log what book you are reading, or use MyON. 

    3 ELA assignments

    3 math assignments

    1 Science

    1 Social Studies

     Specials: Music, Art, P.E. (one special per week. Please go to teacher website for assignment.)

    April 6-10 Art

    April 13-17 P.E.

    April 20-24 Music

    April 27-May 1 Art

    There may be additional assignments for the week. (spelling, ixl, and so on.)

    There will be one grade per week per subject. 


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